You Want Me To Do What?!

This has got to be the dummest thing I have ever heard:  Man puts on a bullet resistant vest and tells someone to shoot him.  I kid you not, that is exactly what happened in SC this past week.

Three individuals were hanging around in a garage and found a vest, one young man put it on and asked his friend to shoot him.

Now, let’s leave all the suppositions out of this, fact is this was just plain stupid, no matter how you look out of it.  Being intoxicated doesn’t make it any less stupid.

There is never a time and a place to aim a loaded gun at someone you don’t intend on killing.  Because that is what happens when a bullet comes out of the barrel of a gun.

The young lady that pulled the trigger in this incident is going to have to live with the truth that one stupid act has taken a life of a friend and ruined her life.  There was a lot of things that could have changed the outcome, but that didn’t happen because stupid.

You can read the story here.


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