Gun Shooooowwww!

This version of the rebel yell is very often heard in my home whenever the POTC (President of the Compound) and I hear there is a gun show coming up.

The Yeti

The Yeti

We ready ourselves by withdrawing the cash from the bank and gassing up the Yeti.  Whoops and high fives over, we board the landing craft and head out.

So we headed off to the gun show this weekend on Sunday, due to the POTC being on a trip and I was working on Saturday anyway.  The place was mostly empty, and the show was rather disappointing.  The only highlight of the trip was the cool VA Beach cops that zip tied my GLock at the door.

Has anyone else noticed how gun shows are more like garage sales?  There is everything from food to jewelry at gun shows these days.  Some of the jewelry is firearms related and that is cool.  I can also see some of the food stuff applying to hunters and outdoorsmen.  But we actually saw a guy selling gutter guards at a gun show once, go figure.

Share your gun show stories with us, we’d love to hear!


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