Threats from Within

So often these days we are reading, seeing or hearing about various issues with guns. But is the threat really as bad as the media would make it seem?

This week there was a new case of a military member gone off the rails.

Apparently even the Coast Guard isn’t immune to the increase in “domestric terrorism”. Remember the case of domestic terrorism committed by an Army Officer?

The threats of domestic terrorism grow each day from radical ideology. Whether it comes from religious belief or a personal belief that one is superior to another in some way, shape or form does not matter. What matters is that we do have threats in this country that are not being met head on due to the ever increasing fear that people have to stand up those in society who do pose a threat.

This belief that we should not stop the people who would threaten our security has become ingrained in our culture for a number of years. Once the doors opened to refugees from other countries with radical ideology, the rise in anti foreign sentiment in the U.S. has grown exponentially. But yet, we have been shamed for our belief that we should protect ourselves from these increasing threats to our security by others who don’t have to worry about those threats themselves.

The increase in liberal beliefs that guns should be taken away from everyone save the government is just one of a series of mistakes that cause people to fear that the liberties we have in the United States will soon be extinguished all together. Most law abiding citizens have vacillated on whether to be concerned or ignore the current climate we currently deal with in our country. With every gun related incident there comes a new call for gun rights to be minimised even more.

So we come to the dilemma of where the rights of citizens begin to clash with the beliefs of the society around them. At what point does any part of society have the right to impose their will on another part of society based on their beliefs? How is it that we have reached a point in society where communication is so widespread and fast, yet people still spread misinformation?

Interestingly enough, studies have shown that despite the idea that all of the people that commit mass shootings are mentaliy ill and commit these violent acts suddenly, the reality is that these individuls often plan these acts well in advance. The planning and preparing part doesn’t negate the idea that there may be some underlying mental illness, however, the fact remains that these individuals knew or should have known that their actions were going to cause grievous bodily harm or death.

We have once again arrived at the question of whether gun control really is going to stop an otherwise determined individual to commit an act of extreme violence. There have been acts of mass violence in other countries that have not involved guns. Gun control or the lack of ability to own a handgun didn’t stop these people.