Gun Shooooowwww!

This version of the rebel yell is very often heard in my home whenever the POTC (President of the Compound) and I hear there is a gun show coming up.

The Yeti

The Yeti

We ready ourselves by withdrawing the cash from the bank and gassing up the Yeti.  Whoops and high fives over, we board the landing craft and head out.

So we headed off to the gun show this weekend on Sunday, due to the POTC being on a trip and I was working on Saturday anyway.  The place was mostly empty, and the show was rather disappointing.  The only highlight of the trip was the cool VA Beach cops that zip tied my GLock at the door.

Has anyone else noticed how gun shows are more like garage sales?  There is everything from food to jewelry at gun shows these days.  Some of the jewelry is firearms related and that is cool.  I can also see some of the food stuff applying to hunters and outdoorsmen.  But we actually saw a guy selling gutter guards at a gun show once, go figure.

Share your gun show stories with us, we’d love to hear!


To Carry Or Not To Carry, That Is The Question

The answer is simply this:  it’s a choice.  It very simply should remain a choice.  No one is being forced to carry a gun on their hip unless they work for an agency that requires it, and I have never heard any police officer that I have worked with or around say “I hate guns”, or “I wish I didn’t have to carry a gun”.

That being said, there are individuals in our society that want to see our right to choose taken away.  It really amazes me that we live in a world where everyone is so wrapped up in other people’s choices.  Why is that?  What motivates someone who knows nothing about me as a person to make my choices for me?  Why does anyone think they have the right to dictate to another the choices they make in life, so long as they are not harming anyone?  A person’s feelings about something being negative does not give them the right to take away from another person.

Let’s look at it from another viewpoint.  Let’s pretend that guns are lollipops.  Some people LOVE lollipops.  They know that lollipops can be dangerous, they can cause cavities, add extra calories to your diet, even cause your blood sugar levels to rise (this is all supposed to be about facts).  But while these people know  that lollipops are not good for them, they want them anyway.  They make a conscious choice to eat lollipops.  But they aren’t harming anyone else by eating those lollipops.  I won’t eat lollipops because I know how bad they are for my teeth, but I won’t be criticizing those who make the choice, knowing that they are bad, to eat them.

So why is it any different with guns?  Because guns are really dangerous to others as well “they” say.  Okay, I can buy that….but you are leaving out what I call the ‘human factor’ , (I am certain someone said it before me, don’t get your feathers all in a ruffle), the inherent part of every gun argument that seems to constantly get glossed over.  Let me put it to you another way:  I can lay a loaded gun, any type of gun, on a table in a room and walk away.  So long as no humans enter that room, that gun will just lay there, peaceful as a lamb.  But once you introduce a human into the equation….now you have potential trouble.

So the problem ladies and gentlemen is not the gun, nor the ammo, but the individual holding the gun.  So some people’s answer to that equation is that “if you take all the guns away, there won’t be anymore gun crime”.  I won’t get into the back and forth of what has happened in other countries that have tried this, because it’s just ridiculous.  Basing laws in our country on what other countries have done is just plain ridiculous.  Our society here in America is not the same as Great Britain, or Australia.  Get over it.

The bottom line here is that if an individual, who has been trained and given a thorough background check – including a mental health evaluation, chooses to carry a gun legally, that is their choice, not yours.  Let’s stop concerning ourselves with people’s choices in this country and start worrying about the things that really matter, shall we?